Where To Find Snow In South Africa This Winter

While we’re lucky enough to still have sunny and moderately warm days throughout winter in Joburg, it does mean that we miss out on that winter wonderland.

And while snowfall is certainly no guarantee, we do actually get a fair amount of it around the country, and these spots are your best bet for the chance to build a snowman…

  1. Drakensburg, KZN

With their high peaks and mountain weather, the Drakensburg Mountain Range is a pretty good bet for seeing snow in winter. Cathedral Peak Hotel is a great place to settle in since, after a snow storm, the weather tends to clear right up and – if you’re feeling active – a hike amongst the snow dusted mountains is certainly doable. There are numerous other hotels and lodges in the area all with their own fireplaces and cosy settings.

  1. Hogsback, Eastern Cape

With its high altitude and mountainous surroundings, this little spot in the Eastern Cape sees its fair share of the white stuff. The mountains tend to be snowcapped throughout the winter season, and the town regularly experiences a generous sprinkling a couple of times.

  1. Matroosberg, Western Cape

A couple of hours outside the Mother City near Ceres is the glorious Matroosberg Peak – one of the places receiving the heaviest snowfall in the country, which means you’re almost guaranteed to find snow there every year. It is the home of The Ski Club of South Africa – a good indication of snow! – and it truly becomes a winter wonderland through the cold months. The peaks are in the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve and do require a 4×4 in order to access them, and with a range of accommodation available, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported right out of South Africa!

  1. Afriski, Lesotho

OK, so this one isn’t technically in South Africa, but we think our friendly neighbours in Lesotho wouldn’t mind us claiming this one! Since there is an actual ski resort here, we think it’s probably your safest best for a full-on snow – and ski – holiday right on our doorstep, and it’s an easy drive from Joburg.

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